Our deepest emotions flow out of two very different kinds of experiences.

  • One: awe, wonder, joy, and deep fulfillment at how beautiful life can be.
  • Two: fear, desolation, anger, and utter emptiness at brokenness caused by injustice.

Yet, in the face of brokenness there’s an opportunity to make all things new. While there are a lot of external forces working to change what’s broken, we can play a role too. Every day we get to choose: do we embrace beauty, brokenness, or both?

Letter All Things New is a way to meet brokenness through beauty. I hope these hand lettered prints and downloads bring joy to everyone who sees them. And, in my effort to make all things new, a portion of any sale will be invested in organizations like International Justice Mission that are on the front lines of confronting the world’s brokenness, day in and day out.

I hope you'll join me in using beauty to embrace brokenness.

 A look back at where it started... 

Letter All Things New began with #emletters, a project I started with the goal of hand lettering something new every day in 2016. When friends and family started asking for quotes, verses, and cards I decided to build a site and see if others might want some things lettered new, too!


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